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We're fresh and hot!


Damian Grudzień,
Creative Director

Thanks to many years of communing with the arts, I have acquired skills that are very useful in my current professional life - sensitivity to beauty, analytical approach and the willingness to share great ideas. Years of professional activity reinforced this tendency, improved my workshop and set a specific direction for my development. I lead creative teams and cooperate with specialists in many fields.


Martyna Szparago,
General Manager

Ginger Wood's company is a ever expanding project of complex design experience for our Clients. As a designer and CEO i am present at all levels of its operation - from offering to implementation. Thanks to many years of expanding the company's competences in various fields, we decided to officially open the GINGER BRANDS cell, which deals with broadly understood marketing, creation and design.

Take a piece of us... or take it all!

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